Team Schriever celebrates Earth Day


This April, the Air Force joins our nation once again in observance of Earth Day. This year's theme: "Conserve Today. Secure Tomorrow," encourages us to do more than be aware. In addition, Schriever members are encouraged to take action.


The 50th Civil Engineer Squadron leads the effort to remind Team Schriever how crucial energy and water savings are for our nation and the world. These savings only happen when Air Force members are aware of how we consume energy, and engage in taking action to continue using it wisely.

“Earth Day reminds everyone that we all share the planet,” said Abe Irshid, Schriever energy manager. “Sharing the Earth means taking responsibility for what people use and how they use it. It is a day to think about the environmental challenges people face and how to solve them. The best thing anyone can do for the environment is rethink the way they use resources and to use less; the fewer resources and products used, the less waste there is.”  


The term "energy" consists of fuel oil, electricity and natural gas utilities. The Air Force energy program includes the conservation of water as an important part of the total Energy Program. The Schriever Air Force Base program focuses on reducing demand and cost for electricity, natural gas and water.


“Energy, in its various forms, is absolutely critical to the success of the Air Force’s operations,” said Albert Fernandez, 50 CES civil engineer. “Fuel makes it possible for the flight of our aircraft, the launch of our satellites, the running of our support ground vehicles and the power, heating and cooling of our buildings in support of our main weapon systems.”


More than ever, it is crucial to understand just how important energy is for our Air Force and why we need to do our part to conserve it.


The Air Force estimates it spent more than $8.45 billion on energy in 2016. Schriever alone spent more than $7.4 million last year to power its facilities, including water costs.


Irshid said the typical way they measure savings is through reduction in the installation's financial obligations for electricity, gas and water. During the past five years, these bills have been reduced by approximately $1 million.


“Schriever continues to reduce energy intensity, reduce water intensity and increase renewable energy,” he said. “Initiatives taken toward this include replacing large boilers and chillers to provide cheaper heat and cooling for buildings, evaluating and reducing building energy loss using aerial infrared technology and searching for aging water pipe leaks.”


The 50 CES is also evaluating future efforts such as capturing wind energy, installing solar arrays and replacing multiple facilities’ interior lighting systems with LED lights.


Conserving water and energy can be accomplished by following a few simple tips everyone can apply to both work and home environments.  Some of these include turning off lights and equipment when not in use, using energy-efficient lightbulbs, recycling aluminum cans and not leaving a water faucet running.


Although only one day of the year is dedicated to Earth Day, the goal is to incorporate energy and water savings awareness into daily activities and to continue our efforts year-round, Irshid said.


Prior to Earth Day, the 50 CES will distribute Earth Day posters at the North and West Entry Portals and the outside lobby of the Satellite Dish in Building 300. 


Saving energy is everyone’s business, because it benefits everyone. For any questions, suggestions or comments, contact the 50th CE customer service at 567-2300 or the Energy Team at