Manpower and Organization office earn AF level award


The Air Force named the 50th Force Support Squadron Manpower and Organization office the Air Force's top manpower and organization program for 2016.

When stratified against other teams, the 50 FSS manpower team first competed among its counterparts in the 14th Air Force, and upon earning top honors there, went up against other manpower teams from Air Force Space Command. Once submitted as AFSPC's representative, the team competed against other major command representatives at the Air Force's highest level. 

Teams were judged based on leadership, job performance, innovation, customer focus and management criteria. 

“The Air Force award is reflective of our team's creative thinking, reasoning skills and their conscientious attitude toward all projects,” said Derek Hamby, Manpower and Organization chief. “They are all the type of analysts who reflect well upon not only the Manpower Office but the 50th Space Wing and Air Force Space Command. I'm most proud of winning this award the past four out of five years. This is an accomplishment that has never been done before in the manpower career field.”


The 50 FSS manpower team conducts research and provides analysis for the Air Force and wing leadership about manpower resources on base. They also validate deployments, review contracts and conduct organizational restructuring and force shaping initiatives.


“I haven’t been in this office for a long time, however, I’m learning from the best folks in the Air Force,” said Shana Allen, Manpower and Organization office management analyst. “I’m happy to be a part of a team that has so much knowledge and experience; being able to learn from them is a great opportunity. My goal is to keep this momentum going and to be a great team member.”


Hamby said without the manpower personnel, they would never achieve this level of success and all the input they provide proves to be a valuable asset to the team.


“This is truly a team environment,” Hamby said. “I believe we have the best people here who are very smart and experienced individuals. For us to represent AFSPC is an honor and to be the top office out of more than 70 is humbling. Another thing we are fortunate for is the mission here, as it is always evolving. I would like to thank the team and base leadership for this success.”