Schriever CC unveils new mission


Col. Jennifer Grant, 50th Space Wing commander, hosted an all-call to roll out  the wing’s new mission statement, vision and priorities here.

The new mission statement, vision and priorities focus on space and cyberspace as warfighting domains - a point made by Gen. Jay Raymond, commander, Air Force Space Command.

“Space superiority is no longer a birthright,” Raymond said. “In the future, we may have to fight for that space superiority if we get into a high end fight.”

Grant credited this changing environment and base’s growing role in current operations for the needed change.

50 SW Mission: Evolve space and cyberspace warfighting superiority through integrated and innovative operations.

The new mission statement focuses on evolving space and cyber warfighting superiority and the need to incorporate new techniques and fresh ideas to stay ahead of our enemies.

“Space is not a benign operating environment anymore, our potential adversaries are getting closer to us in capability,” Grant said. “We need to maintain the edge we have. We have an obligation to maintain space and cyberspace superiority.”

50 SW Vision: One team … mastering space and cyberspace operations … now and into the future.

The wing’s vision spotlights the importance of Schriever Airmen working together in support of the mission.

“One team in this wing and through our partnerships means we are in sync, that we recognize the value each of our organizations brings together,” Grant said.

Grant explained this unity can be successfully accomplished by maintaining the wing’s priorities.

50 SW Priorities:

Successfully and innovatively execute today’s operations.

Grant credited the work of Schriever Airmen thus far in accomplishing the mission, and stressed the base’s critical role in Air Force Space Command.

“We are the only place on the planet that provides GPS, we execute space-based situational awareness and we’re responsible for military based satellite communications. You can’t go anywhere else to do what we do here,” she said.

Plan and posture for tomorrow’s engagements.

The second priority focuses on Airmen managing proactive prevention in preparation for future events.

"As we proactively prepare for potential adversary activities, we also emphasize we do not want a conflict in space," Grant said. "We aim to deter conflict. But we always need to be ready, as one team."

Take care of our Airmen and families always.

Grant’s final priority is ensuring base morale remains high and corresponds with the output of Airmen supporting the mission.

“We have a lot going on here from a leadership perspective, but we also have a lot going on in terms of making sure we are trying to do our best for our Airmen and their families,” Grant said. “Housing, activities, provisions, transportation. We cannot effectively execute our mission if we are not effectively taking care of the people who execute our mission.”

Grant said she looks forward to forging a new path for Schriever in the future, raising operators who can overcome a thinking adversary, maintaining the advantage the U.S. and its allies have over its potential adversaries in space and cyberspace.

In conclusion, she referenced the two key leadership philosophy principles she stated during her first all-call as wing commander in July.

“Don’t make any assumptions, and you can’t over-communicate,” Grant said. “Keep doing what you’re doing. Be dedicated. Be committed. Exercise leadership whether you are in front or leading from behind, and always remember that you are right now, and always will be, part of the history of space.”