Chief's corner - week of May 25



There is such thing as a “late bloomer.” I lived it.  It wasn’t until I was a Tech Sgt. I fell under a supervisor who taught me I was in control of my career.  Before, I depended on others to value my success.  I was lucky along the way to have great supervisors, but to really understand my Air Force future depended on me, came much later in my career.

With High Year Tenure dates changed and the Enlisted Evaluation System process different from when I was coming up the ranks, I often wonder if I would have survived today’s Air Force.  I tested several times on every stripe (some stripes more than others) and not all of my Enlisted personnel reports were “firewall 5’s.”  Not all of them were 5’s period.  I forced earlier mentors and supervisors to look deep for my potential.  And, I am so thankful they did.

 So what does my story have to do with you. If you are a supervisor/mentor don’t overlook what others may have written off.  Take the time to develop a rock star.  I can’t think of anything more rewarding than finding that diamond in the rough.  If you are the late bloomer, don’t depend on someone else to find your potential.  Times are different, you are competing with your peers for promotion recommendations.  And, the mission does not allow time to really look for those hidden gems.