Success through teamwork, trust, respect


Maj. Neal Wall, 50th Contracting Squadron commander. (Courtesy photo)


Happy Fiscal New Year!  I’m proud to report the 50th Contracting Squadron and 50th Comptroller Squadron have successfully brought fiscal 2017 to a close as of Sept. 30.


Fiscal 2017 had its challenges from a contract execution perspective.  We endured a prolonged continuing resolution during the first half of the fiscal year, which slowed our rate of obligations leading up to July 31’s mandatory 83 percent obligation threshold. 


However, with the support of our mission partners, we were able to hit all of our congressionally mandated obligation rates on time.  As a reward for meeting the mandatory obligation rates, Air Force Space Command distributed additional funding in September to allow the wing to fund all unfunded requirements.  As I reflect on the Air Force core values, as well as challenges and successes of fiscal 2017, I have determined three primary focuses that led to a successful fiscal year: teamwork, trust and respect. 


The 50th CONS can’t award contracts in isolation and without a teamwork.  We rely on acquisitions teams to execute contracts to meet our customers’ needs. The Federal Acquisition Regulation defines the acquisition team as, “all participants in government acquisition including not only representatives of the technical, supply and procurement communities but also the customers they serve, and the contractors who provide the products and services.”


Teamwork extends beyond the acquisition community. Teamwork is required between and within all organizations at Schriever; there isn’t a single unit that can successfully execute their mission without support from other units and there isn’t a single individual within a unit who can be successful without support from his or her fellow Airmen.  It takes a team effort to be successful, and requires excellence in all we do.           


We also can’t award contracts without the existence of trust between and within organizations. The FAR states, “the vision for the Federal Acquisition System is to deliver on a timely basis the best value product or service to the customer, while maintaining the public’s trust and fulfilling public policy objectives.” As a leader, I trust my team to award contracts in accordance with the FAR and to maintain trust with the public while spending taxpayer dollars. I also trust our customers and mission partners will be effective members of the acquisition team.


Without trust, a team can’t rely on its individual members to do their part to achieve the team’s goals.  A lack of trust within or between teams can sabotage mission success. A team that does not trust each other is not a team.


However, putting integrity first enables individual Airmen and units to trust each other to accomplish the mission.              


The 50th CONS can’t award contracts without having respect for each other, our customers and our mission partners. Respect is the foundation trust and teamwork are built upon. If team members do not respect each other, then they will not trust each other and the team will fail.  Within the Air Force, all members are expected to treat each other with respect, which means treating others the same way you expect others to treat you.


Respect can’t be one way, it must be mutual, and this mutual respect facilitates open communication, preventing a toxic environment and leads to a trusting and successful team.  Living by our core value of service before self will promote a respectful team environment. 


Teamwork, trust, and respect; all three are required for a successful fiscal year, not to mention any high performing team or organization. 


As 50th CONS charges into fiscal 2018, we look forward to another successful year.  There will be many challenges, obstacles and successes over the next 12 months, but I know Team Schriever will achieve fiscal year success through the combination of teamwork, trust, respect, excellence in all we do, integrity first and service before self.