50th CES superintendent makes a difference


Senior Master Sgt. Malcolm Summers may be new to his role as the 50th Civil Engineering Squadron superintendent, but the impact he has made so far, through the support of the Airmen and leadership in his squadron, has already brought positive change.

As one of only 12 CE senior master sergeant operations managers in the Air Force, and in a vectored position, Summers embraces his new role.

“I was truly excited (when I received the orders) for the opportunity to join Team Schriever and serve as a squadron superintendent,” Summers said. “That’s normally a chief’s position. For me, as a senior master sergeant, to have this opportunity is amazing, and I don’t take it lightly.”

Summers is accustomed to leading Airmen.

An accomplished Military Training Leader, Summers earned awards and recognition for his leadership, including selection as the 2014 U.S. Air Force Military Training Leader of the Year and Air Education and Training Command Outstanding Airman.

Summers was also recently invited by the MTL career field manager to take part in the MTL School Groundbreaking Ceremony “Prior MTL workshop” panel.

The focus of the panel – MTLs who have returned to their career fields after their special duty and had success in reintegrating. A topic that is relevant to Summers, who credits his experience in AETC as one of the main influences of his leadership style.

“What really has helped in my success was my time as a MTL,” Summers said. “It taught me leadership, communication skills and how important it is to set the example as the leader. Because of my experience as an MTL, it ingrained in me to motivate, inspire and build positive relationships within my organization and base.”

Summers also cited the impression leader’s made on him throughout his career since joining the Air Force in 1998. He hopes to convey similar impressions to 50th CES Airmen.

“It’s important to me I’m setting the example; every day I come in with my hard hat on and try to make a difference,” he said. “How I got to where I’m at today was by hard work, dedication and supporting our leaders. The best part about this job is being able to influence positive change and help team members grow.”

Summers’ MTL-infused leadership style has his subordinates taking notice.

“He has really brought us back to the roots of the military, getting back to the roots of our jobs,” said Staff Sgt. Jordan Tubbs, 50th CES water and fuels system maintenance craftsman, who has been with the squadron for more than two years. “He is more of a leader than a boss - he won’t ask you for anything he won’t do himself.”

Since his first day, Summers made a task list lined neatly on the whiteboard of his office, defining his goals for his new role.

One of these tasks was working on the squadron’s deployment training program, where he provides hands-on training to the various facets of CE, helping ready them for when they go down range, and ensuring other required training is accomplished and Airmen are informed of things like the new Blended Retirement System.

50th CES leadership has taken notice of his prowess, and anticipate a bright future with Summers.

“His performance has been outstanding,” said Lt. Col. Andrew DeRosa, 50th CES commander. “My first impression of Senior Master Sgt. Summers is yes, he is an effective leader, but more so a motivator. He's very adept at reminding people why they wear the uniform, and how we're different because of it, as well as what's expected as a result of wearing the uniform.”

Summers expressed thanks to 50th CES leadership and Airmen who have helped him in his new role at Schriever, serving as a foundation for his leadership.

“Lt. Col. DeRosa has been an amazing commander, giving me the keys to the squadron to make a difference; there are a lot of great men and women in this squadron,” he said. “A motto I try to live by is mission first, people always.”