Fire Safety Week: FD teaches safety to Schriever

The Schriever Fire Department hosted interactive events during Fire Safety Week at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Oct. 8-13. The events included running through different fire scenarios in their mobile fire safety house, evacuation drills and an auto extrication demonstration.


Accident, gasoline and a cigarette, quick action is necessary

Schriever eyes watch, the victim is freed

When alarms sound, they spring into action

Or roll into action

Once outside, time to sit somewhere safe 

With a guest visitor to keep company 

Teaching to stop, drop and roll

Proving their skills, badges are awarded 

Now educated young firefighters, times to wind down

At the Tierra Vista Community Center, it's time to learn home fire safety

How to avoid smoke, evacuate safely 

Then say hello and goodbye to Sparky the Fire Dog