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50th Space Communications Squadron

50th Space Communications Squadron

50th Space Communications Squadron

The 50th Space Communications Squadron, a component of the 50th Network Operations Group, 50th Space Wing, is located at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo. The squadron was activated as the 50th Communications Squadron on Jan. 1, 1943, as a component of the 50th Air Base Group.  The squadron moved to Hahn Air Base, Germany with the rest of the 50th Fighter-Bomber Wing and served there until inactivated on Jul. 1, 1962.  United States Air Forces Europe again activated the squadron on Mar. 1, 1991.  It inactivated on Sep. 30, 1991.  The Air Force redesignated the unit 50th Satellite Communications Squadron and assigned it to Air Force Space Command for activation.  Air Force Space Command then activated the squadron as a component of the 50th Operations Group on Jan. 30, 1992.  Air Force Space Command redesignated the unit as 50th Space Communications Squadron on Oct. 1, 2002.  It joined the 50th Network Operations Group on Mar. 10, 2004.

Providing assured access to space and cyberspace assets by exploiting, implementing and sustaining superior communication technologies for global customers.

The 50th Space Communications Squadron provides command and control systems supporting $50 billion in national satellite and terrestrial systems for the President, United States of America, allied and coalition forces. The squadron operates and maintains communications-computer systems establishing real-time global connectivity to more than 150 satellites comprising the Global Positioning System, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, Defense Satellite Program, Defense Satellite Communications System, Milstar, Fleet Satellite Communications System, Ultra High Frequency Follow-On System, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Defense Advanced Research Program Agency and test system satellites through the $6.2 billion Air Force Satellite Control Network.

The squadron operates and maintains base communications systems including inside and outside cable plant, base telephone switches and systems, Defense Red Switch Network switch, Defense Information Systems Agency multifunction switch, security control systems, video teleconferencing systems, Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network, Secure Internet Protocol Router Network and land mobile radios delivering command, control, computers, communications and information services to more than 8,000 base personnel. It also provides logistics sustainment support to 18 geographically separated units at 14 sites around the world.

In addition, the 50 SCS operates/maintains 70 Defense Information Systems Agency nodes providing secure/non-secure voice and data communications for more than 485 world-wide sites. The squadron manages the Department of Defense Global Broadcast Service.

Finally, the 50 SCS provides Schriever AFB and the 50 SW information assurance, knowledge operations, postal services, records management, freedom of information act oversight, spectrum management, configuration management, multimedia services and quality control services.

(Current as of April 2016)