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Delta 9 Operations Support Squadron

The Delta 9 Operations Support Squadron is a component of Delta 9, headquartered at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo.

The primary mission of the DEL 9 OSS is to ensure the maximum combat readiness of DEL 9 by building, developing, and equipping space professionals for orbital warfare. The squadron is responsible for training, intelligence, weapons and tactics, and other operational support necessary for conducting Delta 9's on-orbit protect and defend mission.

The DEL 9 OSS leads Mission Qualification and Advanced Training for orbital warfare operations. In support of operational readiness, highly-skilled instructors provide the foundational and advanced knowledge necessary for students to become the world’s preeminent space operators.  The squadron’s elite instructors build orbital warfighters ready to execute their squadron, group, and U.S. Space Command missions.

The Weapons and Tactics unit of the DEL 9 OSS is tasked with developing and refining the tactics, techniques, and procedures necessary to wield and integrate DEL 9 combat capabilities with the rest of the Joint Force.

Lastly, the DEL 9 OSS provides both foundational and operational intelligence support – informing DEL 9’s personnel and operations. Fully integral to the orbital warfare mission, the squadron’s intelligence professionals provide timely and operationally-relevant intelligence required to execute the DEL 9’s mission and prevail in any crisis or conflict.

The DEL 9 OSS is charged with ensuring the combat readiness of DEL 9 across the spectrum of conflict, ensuring the tactical units of the group are operating at maximum combat capability and lethality.

The 750th Operations Support Squadron was originally constituted as the 50th Depot Repair Squadron, US Army Air Forces on Jan. 31, 1942 at Duncan (later, Kelly) Field, Texas.  The squadron was later disbanded on April 1, 1944, but on Jan. 1, 1992 it was reconstituted and re-designated as the 750th Operations Support Squadron at Onizuka AFB (later, Onizuka AFS), Calif.  The 750th Operations Squadron was inactivated on June 23, 1997 prior to its reactivation at Schriever AFB on June 19, 2020.

As part of the U.S. Space Force structure change, as of July 24, 2020, 750th OSS was re-designated DEL 9 OSS and assigned to DEL 9. 

(Current as of July 2020)