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Environmental Office

Schriever Environmental Management System Policy Statement

The mission of Schriever Air Force Base, including 50th Space Wing Geographically Separated Units, is to defend the United States of America by commanding satellites to deliver decisive global effects. The wing EMS policy statement shall be unwavering commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence in our environmental stewardship.

This policy shall ensure sustainable growth of our mission and infrastructure, but also extends to cleaning up past environmental damage wherever it exists, complying with environmental standards applicable to present operations, planning future activities to minimize environmental impacts and for responsibly managing the natural and cultural resources the wing holds in public trust. In support of these goals, we shall:

a. Strive for continual improvement of our environmental processes.

b. Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements which relate to the wing's environmental aspects.

c. Identify significant impacts and risks when establishing environmental objectives and targets that affect accomplishment of the wing's mission.

d. Integrate environmental information into planning and decision-making across all organizational missions, activities and functions.

e. Reduce waste generation and the release of toxic chemicals through innovative pollution prevention, effective facility management, and sound acquisition and procurement practices.

f. Promote conservation and sustainable management of installation lands.

Please contact the Environmental Office at 567-3360 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy statement.