The Schriever Air Force Base Web site offers you a chance to interact with other members of the Schriever community via our Letters to the Editor section, or directly with the commander via our Commander's Hotline section.


Schriever's Commander's Hotline is brought to the base by the 50th Space Wing commander. It provides a communication tool for people to obtain information and assistance in making Schriever a better place to work.

Before you send a Commander's Hotline, please try to resolve your problem through the responsible agencies listed below.

To submit a Commander's Hotline letter, send an email to COMMGRAMHL@us.af.mil.


Your opinion matters! If you would like to suggest a story idea to our staff or offer feedback on a story we recently wrote, we welcome your input.

To submit a letter to the editor, send an email to 50swpa.workflow@us.af.mil.


For us to consider your letter to the editor for publication or respond to your commander's hotline, you must fill out all fields, including your name, e-mail address, phone number, unit and base.

We may publish your letters to the editor in the Schriever Sentinel as appropriate.

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