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Map of Schriever and surrounding area


Congratulations on your assignment to Schriever Air Force Base--one of the newest bases in the Air Force. Schriever AFB is the home of the 50th Space Wing, the Space Innovation and Development Center, the Missile Defense Agency, 310th Space Wing and numerous tenant organizations.


The 50th Space Wing's mission is to command space and cyber systems to deliver global combat effects, to include precision navigation and timing and secure satellite communication, through command and control of DOD satellite systems. The other units at Schriever also perform space missions. We are unique in that we have no flightline and no aircraft mission.

Some of the services normally provided at most Air Force bases are not available on Schriever; however, Peterson AFB is a full service base, offering a commissary, Base Exchange and other support functions.

More than 8,000 personnel work on Schriever AFB, located approximately 10 miles east of Colorado Springs. You are joining a highly dedicated and professional group of military, civilian and contractor personnel. We are very proud of our mission success rate and the fact that each individual does their part to create a quality Air Force environment. Schriever AFB challenges you to become part of our tradition of excellence.

You will find Colorado Springs a warm and friendly city with many things to see and do. We hope your transition goes smoothly, and we look forward to you joining the Schriever team!


Wing Leadership

Col. James E. Smith Col. Jennifer A. Fitch Chief Master Sgt. Boston Alexander

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Social Media

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Last week, Schriever Airmen participated in the Front Range Expeditionary Exercise which simulated real-time pre-deployment procedures to test the mobilization effectiveness of the 50th Space Wing. We're always ready!
Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the 11th annual Diversity day! It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself and experience the other cultures that truly make us the Master of Space. Starting at 10 a.m. at the indoor running track, it’s a great way to sample food, see demonstrations and experience things hands on. Don’t miss out!
Did you know that the Unite program can be used by units to increase resiliency and cohesion? It’s a unique opportunity that almost anyone can take part in! Call FSS to find out more.
The Chaplain's office hosted a retreat for single company grade officers in Breckenridge. This retreat gave officers the opportunity to meet with and connect with their peers.
In case you missed it last week, the Advanced Extremely High Frequency-5 communications satellite was launched from Patrick Air Force Base, Fla. The AEHF-5 is the newest military communications satellite that is survivable, secure, protected and jam-resistant.
Our Defenders are always training. The 50th Space Wing Security Forces Squadron recently conducted training to familiarize security forces members on how to properly identify controlled substances.
Chief Towberman, AF Space Command Command Chief, knows the importance of recharging, and implements it in his work-life balance.
Air Force civilians, this is a great resource. The Employee Assistance Program can help you work through problems at home or at work, and offers free kits for various needs. Check out their Facebook for contact info.
This Friday Schriever will host a Holocaust Days of Remembrance ceremony at the fitness center. Come join us at 10 a.m. for the ceremony, static displays, reenactors and kosher foods. To find out more check out the article: https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1921692/schriever-air-force-base-to-host-days-of-remembrance/
Schriever has begun using a new DoD program to catch serial predators. This system is designed to increase the prevention of sexual assault by using a confidential system to find sexual predators without victims having to come forward, unless they want to. To find out more read the article here: https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1931207/schriever-implements-new-dod-program-to-track-sexual-predators/
El Paso County officials confirmed the plague is responsible for the death of two prairie dogs on base. This is a relatively regular occurrence on the base and throughout the Colorado Front Range, particularly in wet years like this has been. Out of an abundance of caution, Schriever leadership has closed part of the running track closest to the impacted colony along the west perimeter fence line between the Enoch and Irwin gates. They have also closed the Blue Road west of the driveway to Buildings 901 and 902. Additionally, the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron is coordinating to secure a pesticide treatment in the affected colony to eradicate the fleas and reduce the likelihood of the plague spreading. Awareness of symptoms and risks is the best way to keep residents and personnel safe, and the risk is overall extremely low. If you see a dead animal on base, please report it to 50 CES at 50.ces.ceie.workflow@us.af.mil or by calling 567-3361.
“High expectations give encouragement, they give permission to be bold, and they give purpose to hard work.” -- Col. Robert Riegel, 460th Space Wing vice commander, Buckley Air Force Base https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Commentaries/Display/Article/1922055/high-expectations/
Schriever and Peterson AFB: 21st Space Wing leadership hosted a summertime barbecue for base junior enlisted Airmen. https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1920381/airmen-enjoy-summer-bbq-at-peterson-afb/
Starting a new school year can be exciting and overwhelming. Schriever helping agencies and community partners came together to host a back-to-school event to help families and kids prepare for the new school year. https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1922634/schriever-families-attend-back-to-school-event/
2nd Space Operations Squadron recently celebrated successful on-orbit testing of the new GPS III satellite. The satellite provides improved capabilities and will help our space warfighters maintain the gold standard in GPS position, navigation and timing. https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1922014/evolution-of-space-2sops-prepares-for-gps-block-iii/
Schriever chaplains and 50th Mission Support Group leadership took time to break bread with Airmen during their resiliency picnic. https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1920492/chaplains-office-serves-airmen-strengthens-resiliency/
Team Schriever: Country music artist McKenna Faith invites you to First Friday tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/Schriever50FSS/videos/649827475530798/?v=649827475530798
Gen. Jay Raymond, Air Force Space Command commander, spoke with Team Schriever Airmen about the evolution of the space warfighter during a recent all-call. Raymond addressed warrior culture, advances in the space domain, and new training tracks for space operators. https://www.schriever.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1923621/air-force-space-command-all-call-addresses-future-of-space/

Local Area Base Guides

Schriever AFB Schriever AFB (opens in new window)
The daily mission at the 50th Space Wing takes us to all parts of the world and deep into space. The wing operates satellite operations centers and tracking stations around the world.
Peterson AFB Peterson AFB (opens in new window)
The 21st Space Wing is the Air Force's only organization providing missile warning and space control to unified commanders and combat forces worldwide.
USAFA Air Force Academy (opens in new window)
The U.S. Air Force Academy is a four-year officer development program based on the four pillars of officer development: professional, intellectual, physical and character.
Fort Carson Fort Carson (opens in new window)
Fort Carson, the "Mountain Post," sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains just south of Colorado Springs, Colo. The post is home to several Army divisions and more than 12,000 Soldiers and family members.

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