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Congratulations Schriever award winners

Lt. Alison Wilson

Lt. Alison Wilson

Airman 1st Class Adrienne Gallegos

Airman 1st Class Adrienne Gallegos

The Pike’s Peak Air Force Cadet Officer Mentoring Action Plan Chapter has garnished four annual National awards. There are currently 15 chapters at 15 Air Bases CONUS wide consisting of approximately 500 members. 

Lt. Alison Wilson, 3rd SOPS/DOOD, won The General Daniel “Chappie” James Award. This award is presented annually to a junior officer (O-3 and below) in good standing who excels in the demonstration of leadership in accomplishment of goals and objectives of AFCOMAP. 

AFCOMAP is a non-profit organization comprised of active-duty field grade and company grade officers, retired officers, cadets and civilians. The program assists new officers and graduating cadets with their transition into the active duty Air Force. It promotes retention of minority officers and fosters professional enhancement among all officers, regardless of background. 

AFCOMAP members make a formal commitment to mentor and be mentored, according to program officials. 

This mentoring structure provides guidance and feedback in a “no-fault environment” that includes leadership development exercises, forums and ROTC and Junior ROTC visitation trips to university detachments. 

AFCOMAP is a nationally recognized program at Air Force bases around the world. It was founded in June 1989 and chartered by the Air Force’s then Chief of Staff, Gen. Ronald Fogleman, and Secretary of the Air Force, Sheila Widnall in 1994. 

A junior controller with the 50th Space Wing Staff here was recently recognized as Air Force Space Command’s Command Post Controller of the Year for 2005. 

Airman 1st Class Adrienne Gallegos outshone 60 other command post controllers around AFSPC with outstanding performance during Schriever’s 2005 Operational Readiness Inspection and her everyday contributions to the 50th SW Command Post’s mission, according to her award nomination package. 

Her 100-percent score on a closed-book emergency-action test during the ORI earned the recognition of then-50th SW Commander Col. Suzanne Vautrinot. She also coordinated and monitored approximately 15 space tasking orders supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Airman Gallegos supported her fellow Airmen and the Schriever community through volunteering in the Enlisted Against Drunk Driving program and sponsoring two new Airmen to the base. 

She holds a Community College of the Air Force degree and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.