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  • Followership: the other half of leadership

    "Sometimes when you're riding ahead of the herd, you need to turn around and make sure they're still there." It's an old cowboy philosophy, and it holds true regarding any leadership situation. Leaders and followers are the two components required in any leadership situation. One without the other is non-productive at best and dangerous at
  • African American History Month: How integration became achievement

    More than 60 years ago an African American in the Air Force was a notion that seemed unimaginable. Racism was more than just condoned; it was an everyday reality for African Americans living in the United States. Signs posted, "Whites Only" everywhere were a constant reminder of our affliction; segregated schools, buses, lunch counters and drinking
  • Education and training: Developing Airmen today...for tomorrow

    Today's Air Force is the premier air and space power in the world. To maintain this role, it is imperative that Airmen maintain a high level of skill and preparedness. At the heart of today's Airman is the need for continued personal development and the growth of our Airmen through education and training. Fortunately, the Air Force provides all
  • Training, education a continued focus during increased ops, deployments

    As Airmen, training and education is unending. The nature of our profession requires us to continually learn and progress to be the best Air Force in the world. Today's smaller-than-ever Air Force with a higher operations tempo and increased deployments make it challenging to continue at the same pace with our training and education. Every one of
  • TRICARE, other health insurance can be balancing act

    Understanding one insurance plan may be a little confusing. Understanding two can be even harder. Many TRICARE beneficiaries are eligible for other health insurance and balancing the plans are key to seeking care and filing claims. OHI is health care coverage offered to a TRICARE beneficiary. It may be available through an employer, an association,
  • Promotion is a journey

    While we may think there is a fast track to promotion, the journey may be anything but. As enlisted members go through the process of advancing through the ranks, their ride will be filled with highs, lows and emotional and professional challenges. When Airmen begin the emotional ride of competing for promotion, there is a slim chance promotions
  • Holidays are time to show care, compassion for family

    As Airmen, our family extends beyond our blood relatives to our Air Force family. During the holiday season, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget about our Air Force family - the Airmen we work next to each day and those deployed. Especially during the holidays, when many of our Airmen are far from their families, we
  • Safety office provides holiday shopping tips

    With the holiday shopping season rapidly coming to a close, many shoppers will no doubt be rushing out to malls and department stores to get those last minute gifts. This can be a dangerous time, not only with the weather, but with the amount of identity thieves present in today's society. The 50th Space Wing Safety office recommends taking the
  • Excellence: Avoiding the insidious slide into mediocrity

    The word insidious comes from the Latin word for ambush. Webster's online dictionary defines it as, "having a gradual, cumulative effect," and "awaiting a chance to entrap." We constantly hear our leaders calling for adherence to standards, but as professional Airmen we also have a duty improve things, to make processes shorter, better, easier. How
  • Chanukah in a nutshell

    Chanukah, the eight-day festival of light is Dec. 21 to 29 and celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of purity over adulteration and of spirituality over materiality. More than 21 centuries ago, the Holy Land was ruled by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks), who sought to forcefully Hellenize the people of Israel. Against all odds, a small band

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Weekend safety brief! Have fun, go outside, eat lots of food annnnnd read this graphic to abide by fire restrictions! #ThatIsAll
Part of the first sergeants’ creed states “Every One is my Business.” Every day, the first sergeants make it their mission to maintain the welfare of their Airmen. Forever thankful for the first sergeants who look after us each day. #TeamSchriever is in good hands.
It's another #WorkflowWednesday folks and we hope you're having a great week! Aside from the perks listed here, what are some benefits to military life you enjoy?! #KnowYourMil
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower once stated, “You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.” #KnowYourMil
Guess who's featured this week? 🤗 (Psssst... go to #9)
Many happy returns to our Schriever family this morning!!! Best way to start the day is with the flag! If you didn't catch reveille last Tuesday (or this morning), here are the highlights. #HappyMonday #RedWhiteandBlue
Our Wing Commander highlights upcoming events, encourages safety when out and about this weekend and encourages us to continue to look out for one another. Remember 567-HELP connects you to a wealth of resources to help folks who my be struggling.
310th Space Wing friends and housing family! The holiday may be in full swing but some of our folks are working to serve our team! AAFES not only has the food truck coming our way, but the Dunkin' will ALSO be open 7 – 8 July from 7 – 11 a.m.! Bring your appetites!
“Service members, past and present, remember the enduring legacy of those intrepid patriots who fought during 1775-1783 for independence, and they recall the many times when later Americans have been called to preserve that independence in the face threats from enemies abroad. By wearing the uniform, they declare themselves ready to oppose any foe who would impose tyranny on them and their nation.” -- Rick Sturdevant, deputy director of history with headquarters Air Force Space Command
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! As we all spend time with family, friends and food, check out the reflections of some of our AF family! #IamSCHRIEVER #Family
I am SCHRIEVER: 4th of July
The fire danger this summer is serious. Please heed all fire restrictions. #SpringCreekFire
#4thofJuly is coming our way and to make sure we're taking care of our vacationing followers, our paper will be here before we take off for #Burgers and #BBQs! Tuesday afternoon, pick one up!
With #IndependenceDay around the corner, many of us have plans to either wind down and relax or put in time for family and friends! What are YOUR plans? Or what's your favorite tradition? Share it with us! Whether you can say it with an emoji or some words, we want to know! #Fireworks #BBQ #Camping #Outdoors #Concert #4thofJulyWeekend
#4thofJuly weekend is around the corner everyone! To help get you in the mood for good times, check out one of the latest adventures offered through the Outdoor Rec office! Watch the views and bits of excitement experienced by some of our very own Airmen! (Pssst... maybe also swing by ODR/ITT to scope out their future trips)
Many of you know that #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork, but did you know our firefighters live by this phrase? Falcon and Schriever FD's came together to better themselves as a unit for future endeavors, how's that for teamwork? “We’ve had mutual aid agreements for many years, and we’ve done some building familiarization, but haven’t trained together very often. This was just a great opportunity and I hope we get to come out here more in the future.” -Jeff Petersma, deputy chief with the Flacon FD
National #POWMIA Recognition Day has come to it's conclusion among the #TeamSchriever family, but we will never for… https://t.co/2QleK4ANwT
RT @Space_Station: .@NASA TV will preview two upcoming spacewalks to continue station power system upgrades in a briefing at 2 p.m. EDT Thu…
Happy Birthday Air Force! And thank you to the Airmen who help it run as the #1 Air Force in the world! https://t.co/peIZLC6sXF
RT @DeptofDefense: Still riding! DYK: @30thSpaceWing has the last military police horse program in #DoD? They’re great for law enforcement…
RT @usairforce: During #ASC18, our #Airmen asked: How do you see multi-domain command & control integrating with our allies? @AFSpace comma…
RT @usairforce: Today we celebrate 71 years as the world's greatest #AIRPOWER! #Birthday #AFBDay https://t.co/VOY8ixMUlO
RT @usairforce: On your marks! The #AirForce Marathon is tomorrow @WrightPattAFB! https://t.co/nR2T1BS4Ql
RT @AFSpace: #OTD 1910 General Bernard A. Schriever was born in Bremen, Germany. He led development of the Thor, Atlas, Titan, and Minutema…
Kaena Point heroes humbly share story: https://t.co/wCkzhoXhom via @YouTube
We remember. It is an honor and privilege to serve in memory of those we have lost. https://t.co/wunGHBi0OV
RT @AFSpace: We're introducing each member of #TeamAFSPC, competing in the #AFDefenderChallenge @JBSA_Official - Camp Bullis this week! U…
We’re rooting for you team!!! https://t.co/rn7ymuxGeY
Welcome to Schriever Col. Stratton! Happy to be serving alongside you. Read more at https://t.co/wazpyhMO3k https://t.co/nChka5OiRK
RT @AFSpace: Need help coping with stress? The Employee Assistance Program gives civilian employees free resources, guidance to work-life b…
RT @DOD_JCOC: #DYK the military has plenty of opportunities to play your favorite sports through intramurals? An #airman assigned to 1st…