Why I Wear the Uniform

Airman 1st Class Ecalnea Tristan

Airman 1st Class Ecalnea Tristan


I remember a moment in basic training when my flight members and I were sitting in the day room waiting for our Military Training Instructor to pass out our name tags and Air Force tags. When I received them, I stared at them for a brief moment with a huge grin, and I told myself, closing my eyes and envisioning my future, "You are almost there bro.”  I kissed and hugged those two name tags with a passion.  Some of my flight members looked at me like I was crazy. A dream that seemed previously impossible because of my lack of intelligence to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, and belief that I’m not good enough to be in the United States Air Force.

Every night before I would go to bed, I would clip off strings and make sure my uniform was perfect; as I woke up, I would have a last inspection before putting it on. I love looking sharp when I wear this uniform because it makes me feel good and confident about myself.  When I feel good, it makes me a more positive person, and when I am positive, I would like to think that I set off a good vibe of positivity in which can be very infectious.  I believe in the “Law of Attraction.”   

Wearing the uniform keeps me accountable with my actions as I represent the world’s greatest Air Force. It gives me a sense of pride to carry and hold myself as a professional and a hero. I say hero, because at the end of the day when something goes wrong, I will do everything that I possibly can and whatever it takes to make sure I protect the people I love and the people in this country, even if it costs me my life. I wear my uniform with honor and respect.

Now that I have this privilege to wear and represent this uniform, I plan on doing whatever it takes to be knowledgeable, wise, fit, and constantly better myself as a United States Air Force member and as a person. I have two major goals while wearing this uniform and those goals are to be accepted into the Physician Assistance Program and retire as a Colonel. I know, and firmly believe, that I will achieve these two major goals in my life, because it is in my blood and instinct to never give up but to overcome and persevere through all my hardships in life. I look forward to meeting this amazing and handsome looking Airman in the future.  This is why I wear the uniform.