Setting the Example

Lt. Col. Charlie Norsky, 2nd Space Operations Squadron commander

Lt. Col. Charlie Norsky, 2nd Space Operations Squadron commander


As Airmen, we are often told to “lead by example.”  But what does that really mean?  For me, it’s relatively simple - either you’re following an example someone else has set, or you’re the one setting the example for others to follow.  As you go about your daily routine, think about which of those apply to you.

The wing commander recently outlined her focus areas for the final months of her command.  I ask you to consider how you are setting the example in driving these efforts.  Are you setting the example for how we document lessons learned regarding the implementation of the Space Mission Force construct?  Are you setting the example for conducting defensive cyber operations?  Are you setting the example for providing quality of life to those who live and work on Schriever? 

The 2nd Space Operations Squadron has been the “Gold Standard” for position, navigation and timing for the world for decades.  We set the example for other global navigation systems to follow. I challenge every member of the squadron to think about the role they play in our mission and ask themselves whether they are following someone else’s example or if they are the example others may follow.  This mindset applies not only across space operations units, but across the entire 50th Space Wing.

For the engineers, do you set the example for component-level understanding of a satellite, problem solving and anomaly resolution?  For the tacticians, do you set the example for debriefing, mission planning and tactics development?  For mission assurance, do you set the example for cyber defense, system sustainment and mission critical maintenance?  If you are an instructor or evaluator, do you set the example for system knowledge, adherence to TO’s and commitment to readiness?  For the space operators, do you set the example for professionalism on an operations floor, mission execution and how our nation conducts space operations?  These are the questions I pose to the men and women of 2 SOPS and I urge each of you to apply this to your own unit, shop or work center. 

I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of the professionals under my command.  Their tireless efforts and dedication to the mission truly do set the example.  We all play a role in executing the wing’s mission of commanding space and cyber systems to deliver global combat effects.  With the role each of us plays, we all have an opportunity to set the example.  Active duty, reservists, civilians and contractors—we all have an opportunity every day to be the standard for how the mission is executed.  So I ask each Team Five-O member, today and every day, how are you going to set the example?