Why I wear the uniform

Airman 1st Class Eric Swicegood, 50th Security Forces Squadron (Courtesy photo)

Airman 1st Class Eric Swicegood, 50th Security Forces Squadron (Courtesy photo)


I wear it for family, heritage and comradery. I wanted to do something better for myself and my family. Getting tired of jobs with no future, especially while married, didn’t provide me with much hope. I have always had an interest in criminal justice, wanting to save people and doing things for the greater good around the world. So I found my calling in Security Forces and can do all of these things while serving in this career field.

It is a way to support my family, and of course my kid, on the way around the beginning of June. I wanted to be a better person for my wife and be someone my future son can look up to when he grows up. I wanted to be that person they can lean on no matter what they go through, knowing I’ll be able to help them through it all after my own experiences I may endure wearing the uniform in this career. I wear it to continue my family’s military heritage. I may be the first in my family to join the Air Force, but regardless I answered my nations call simply because I chose to.

Another reason for wearing the uniform which is very dear to me is comradery. It is something so hard to obtain in today’s world, especially as a civilian. Where else can you find someone who is willing to stand toe-to-toe against the enemy with you knowing no matter what happens they are there for you because they are your fellow brother or sister, they are family. The person next to you may end up saving your life or you may save theirs. The bond you obtain with others while servings is so close, even within only a short amount of time. Some of the fellow Airmen I’ve met since I joined have become better friends than people I’ve known for many years. I wear the uniform for many reasons but most of all for family, heritage and comradery.