Why I wear the uniform

Airman 1st Class Sandra Zavalza, 50th Security Forces Squadron

Airman 1st Class Sandra Zavalza, 50th Security Forces Squadron


Uniforms have had a significant meaning to me ever since I was a kid. The members in uniform were always the people I looked up to and looked for when I needed guidance. Growing up in a small town with service members everywhere, I always felt safer.  I never actually knew what they did, nor who they were, but I trusted them, mostly because of the simple things. I would walk home from school and my neighbors would always greet me in the most polite ways, which made me feel protected.

In high school, I was in the Air Force Junior ROTC program.  We would put on the uniform every Thursday. I knew it wasn’t real and I hadn’t earned it yet. However, the looks I received from my little brother and other kids, was the same look I gave to service members when I was younger.  It gave me a feeling of pride for what I stood for. My instructors would always tell us that we always had to be good role models and always do what’s right, even when we didn’t wear it because we never knew who was watching, and I believe it.

I wear this uniform because it frustrates me when people complain about what they want to change about this country, yet they have never raised their hand and taken the oath.  I can stand up for what I believe in when I put on my uniform every morning by defending our country. I wear this uniform to inform people that just because I am young, I can make a difference. I proudly wear this uniform because it gives people hope that no matter what kind of terror happens, there is always someone willing to fight for them.  I am that someone.