Chief's Corner - week of April 20


Up to the challenge

First off, it’s been just more than two months since I arrived at Schriever AFB and I cannot begin to tell you how exciting and impressed I am with the pride and professionalism that I have engaged with. Thank you all so much. 

As I was thinking about what words of wisdom to provide in my first article, it’s a little funny that my inspiration came from a TV commercial.  You may have recently seen it, but a major fast food company claimed they serve a popular cola product that tastes better from them than from anywhere else.  I paused and thought through this bold statement, or challenge, and I would say we in the Air Force are the best at what we do. This thought inspired me to challenge myself to create the “Leadership Challenge.”  This challenge is not labor intensive, nor does it require a lot of memorization to do, it only takes one person to play…YOU. No this isn’t some new reality TV or game show (although it could be), it is something we all can apply in our daily routines.

The rules to this challenge are fairly simple; use your daily observations, routines and actions to take a moment and ask yourself “is this/that the right thing to do?” From questioning if it’s right to walk through the restricted area portals without removing your hat/sunglasses; whether or not to pick up that piece of trash or clean up that spilled barbecue sauce on the floor; or if one should walk outside at 4:30 p.m. when retreat is about to play. Should one address poor performance and/or behavior, these are all topics that could be considered and the challenge is limitless. 

You see, this is what we as Airmen must strive to do to ensure customs, courtesies and standards within our Air Force are practiced and upheld daily. All of these things build upon our Air Force Core Values, the foundational piece ensuring we can take the fight to the bad people anytime, anywhere.  When we do not uphold standards, the foundation of our ethos starts to erode and our mission “…to protect and defend” is jeopardized.  So I ask you, are you up for the challenge?