The goal of goals

Senior Master Sgt. Allen Le Vie, 50th Operations Group first sergeant. (Courtesy photo)

Senior Master Sgt. Allen Le Vie, 50th Operations Group first sergeant. (Courtesy photo)


Throughout my life, my goals have continued to evolve. Before I joined the Air Force I had short-term goals such as securing a steady paycheck and completing my college degree.

As I have grown older, my goals turned outward. I looked to secure my children’s futures and leaving a legacy of helping others. What are your goals?  How present are they in your daily life and in your interactions with others?

As a first sergeant, I occasionally meet people going through a rough patch of life.  Barring the unforeseen emergencies, many people I meet who are in a pinch suffer from a lack of personal or professional goals.  I believe deliberately setting constructive goals is crucial to pushing yourself toward a better you. In turn, a better you makes for a better team, and ultimately an advantageous Air Force. 

A life filled with goals provides yourself:  purpose, motivation and perseverance.  A life without goals provides the opposite:  lack of purpose, feeling stagnate or trapped in your current predicament.

Goals also go hand-in-hand with our Air Force pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness. We should all be looking for ways to improve upon our physical, social, mental, and spiritual fitness.  A great way to do so is to make goals to improve in each of the four CAF pillars.

I encourage everyone to share your goals with your friends and colleagues.  Ask them what their goals are. Encourage and hold each other accountable as we all work toward those goals. 

Henry Ford once said, “obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” 

So make goals. Keep your focus upon them.  Realize you will face setbacks but keep working for them.  Celebrate when you achieve them, then prepare to set new, higher goals.