Why I wear the uniform


Airman 1st Class Kris Frazier, 4th Space Operations Squadron (Courtesy photo)


When I was a civilian, I told some of my closest friends I was going to join the Air Force. Each one of them had a similar response, they wanted to know why.

Why would I give up a good job and a stable living for something that came with so much uncertainty in a complex world. The answer to their question is this. To me, wearing the uniform isn’t just about steady income or job security. I went to college and graduated and was working professionally for two years. I had that already. For me, joining was never about the money.

I put on this uniform because wearing it meant I was part of something bigger than myself.

This uniform is about not giving in to the status quo, it’s about getting to that next level by breaking down the walls that encase us, walls that make us feel comfortable and secure, and to always move forward. The uniform is about doing something so life changing, when the end of the road comes, you can look back on your life and say you did what few have done and are proud to have been able to do it

The uniform is about telling stories about deeds done and interesting people met. It’s about the places you’ve been and the people you’ve helped along the way. The uniform is about affecting lives and leading by example; showing others it’s ok to be one of the few.

When someone asks me why I wear the uniform, the simple answer is this - it’s to live life without any regrets and be the best person I can be while creating a legacy I can be proud of.