Why I wear the uniform


(Courtesy photo)


“I am an American Airman.”

This is one of my favorite lines from The Airman’s Creed. I wanted to join the Air Force to experience a sense of pride Airmen have when they wear the uniform. I wanted to be a part of the 1 percent of Americans who serve in the United States military, but not just any part of the military. I wanted to be a part of an even smaller percentage who serves in the United States Air Force.

Not everyone is presented the opportunity to become an American Airman. I went through a hard process trying to become one myself, and I worked hard every single day to become a part of the world’s greatest Air Force.

Another one of my favorite lines from The Airman’s Creed is, “I defend my country with my life.” This is one of the biggest reasons I wanted to join and wear the uniform I wear today. It’s also a reason I wanted the job I have today, security forces. I wanted to protect, defend and fight for not only my family and loved ones back home, but for my entire country. I wanted to serve not only the world’s greatest Air Force, but the greatest country in the world.  

When I wear the uniform, I feel like I belong to something bigger than myself and I am making a difference. I love being able to say I am able to protect the ones I care about, along with my country. I feel as though if the time came, I would be able to pay the ultimate sacrifice like the great men and women before me have. It’s because of my predecessors I am here serving, I am here wearing this uniform. I will protect and stand behind my country until the day I die.

I remember when I was little; I would always see military personnel in uniform and would be in awe. I would look up to them like they were the best human beings on the earth. I wanted to be that role model someday. I wanted to be that lady the little girls at my church back home would look up to. I don’t serve and wear this great uniform for acknowledgment, I serve and wear this great uniform because I get to.

I’ve earned the right to wear this uniform and could not be any more proud to put it on every day.