'If you got it, we bought it'

Maj. Neal Wall, 50th Contracting Squadron commander

Maj. Neal Wall, 50th Contracting Squadron commander


Happy Fiscal New Year to all and good-bye fiscal 2016!  For those not aware, your 50th Contracting Squadron and 50th Comptroller Squadron celebrated the end of fiscal 2016 Sept. 30 and the start of fiscal 2017 Oct. 1, and we made history doing it.   

The end of the fiscal year is a significant event for 50 CONS, 50 CPTS the 50th Civil Engineering Squadron as all Operations and Maintenance funds must be obligated via contract awards before midnight Sept. 30.  If the funds are not put on contract by midnight, then the funds expire and can no longer be used for new requirements. Any loss of funds could negatively impact the amount of funds the 50 SW receives in the future.  Therefore, it’s critical for contracting, finance and civil engineering teams to have a close working relationship with each other and our customers to ensure we have a plan to execute all fiscal 2016 Operations and Maintenance funds.   

I am extremely proud of how well our teams partnered together all the way to the finish line to achieve mission success.  We’ve worked diligently all fiscal year long, but especially hard during the past two months to ensure execution of all of the 50 SW’s, tenant units’, and other mission partners’ fiscal 2016 requirements with no loss of funds.  In fact, we set history by awarding our final fiscal 2016 contract at approximately 6:20 p.m. Sept. 30, which allowed us to end the day well before midnight.  This early end time is unheard of, at least in the past 30 years, for an end of year completion.  Traditionally, 50 CONS doesn’t award the final contract until closer to midnight as we attempt to spend every last dollar, and 50 CONS and 50 CPTS usually don’t shut down shop until well after midnight. 

In fiscal 2016, we were able to make history even though this year’s end of year was unique from previous years as we had to balance both Air Force Space Command mission funds and Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center funds.  This created challenges at the end of the fiscal year and required creative thinking, but in the end, we were able to fully fund all of our service contracts and all our end of year requirements.  In fact, 50 CONS had zero executable unfunded requirements to award on Sept. 30, which meant we awarded contracts for all of our customers’ requirements ahead of schedule.     

Not only did our history-making success require collaboration with 50 CPTS and 50 CES, it also required partnering with our customers.  Fortunately, 50 CONS has the best customers in the world.  Our customers’ dedication and support for our acquisition process directly contributed to the 50 SW’s fiscal 2016 success.  Here are some end of year numbers to put into context how important our partnership is with our customers.

600 total fiscal 2016 contract actions: 39 percent of these actions were executed in the 4th quarter, while 31 percent of the actions were executed in August and September alone.

$104 million total fiscal 2016 contract dollars: 32 percent of these dollars were awarded in the 4th quarter, while 25 percent of the dollars were awarded in August and September alone.

These numbers include both AFSPC and AFIMSC funds combined and demonstrate how determined my team is to provide unrivaled contract support to our customers, and it shows how we would not be able to achieve mission success without partnering with 50 CPTS, 50 CES and our customers.  As we enter fiscal 2017, 50 CONS stands ready to lead, partner and support as your business leaders and advisors.  We look forward to another successful and history making fiscal year by strengthening our relationships with our mission partners, providing the best business solutions for our customers and obligating your fiscal 2017 dollars even earlier in the fiscal year. Remember, if you got it, we bought it!