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  • Let Our Core Values be Your Polaris

    Almost two years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Air Force Academy with many of the leaders of 22nd Air Force where I found a beautiful base and campus full of rich history and traditions. One of the highlights was a tour of one of the newest buildings, Polaris Hall. Polaris (another name for the North Star) is a very modern building designed to foster collaborative, innovative problem solving with teams of airmen.
  • High expectations

    I witnessed authentic leadership in a 16 year-old high school marching band percussionist. At a state-wide competition, her band was staged in a parking lot overlooking the football field waiting for their time to perform. She and a small number of other musicians were watching a competing band on the field while they waited. Around her were about 30 of her bandmates, many of whom were chatting, laughing, and wandering aimlessly as a way to cope with the stress of competition -- then it happened.
  • Lead people effectively not efficiently

    A good test of leadership is how your team reacts to a fire drill. In the moment of a crisis or exercise, will your team be professional or juvenile? How the team handles a drill or an exercise directly reflects on how well you prepared them.
  • Leadership perspectives: 23rd SOPS Det 1 commander

    Capt. Brian Chambon is the new commander of the 23rd Space Operations Squadron, Detachment 1, in Thule, Greenland. A former C-130 Hercules electrician he commissioned in 2012, and the detachment is his first command tour. He took some time to share some of his leadership perspectives.
  • Transforming Technicians into Tacticians

    As I enter my final three months as commander of the 1st Space Operations Squadron, several important topics and lessons come to mind that are worthy of sharing with my teammates at the 50th Space Wing.
  • Find your leadership path

    Are leaders born or made?
  • Reflecting on lyrical basic truths

    April in Colorado came with an ambush of snow days balanced by bright sunny spring days. As I sat down to consider what to write about for this column, watching the snow fall quietly, I found myself wondering when I might next need my suntan lotion. And speaking of suntan lotion, my mind immediately went to one of the tunes I use to cooldown after a good workout; “Everyone’s Free (to wear sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrmann. It’s just a little tune constructed of basic life truths, and one that always makes me take a few moments for self-refection on the lyrical basic truths woven into the melody. Basic truths. We know them when we see them, usually heed them, and generally regret when we don’t take the sage advice they offer.
  • Think like a child

     April was the month of the military child and it served as a time to reflect upon and recognize the sacrifices our children make because of our chosen profession.  Given the frequency of Permanent Change of Station moves, new schools and friends, or missed events due to deployments or mission demands, we are always teaching our children to be
  • Holding yourself accountable

    What does being accountable really mean?  The definition of accountability is taking or being assigned responsibility for something that you have done or are supposed to do.  When you think about it from that viewpoint, we have to evaluate what we are responsible for.  For many of us, we have bosses, co-workers, families and other people counting
  • Embracing Schriever's legacy

    "Peacetime innovation has been possible when senior military officers with traditional credentials, reacting not to intelligence about the enemy but to a structural change in the security environment, have acted to create a new promotion pathway for [subordinates] practicing a new way of war." - Stephen Peter RosenAs the 50th Space Wing leads Air

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