#IamSCHRIEVER Portraits

  • Every smoke alarm has an expiration date: What’s yours?

    Schriever Air Force Base Fire Department urges all local residents to know how old their smoke alarms are, and to replace them every 10 years.
  • IamSCHRIEVER Portraits

    The 50th Space Wing Public Affairs office is proud to present its “IamSCHRIEVER Portraits,” which features photos and interviews of Team Schriever members.
  • I am SCHRIEVER: Serving for family

    Staff Sgt. Ramon Trejo, 50th Civil Engineer Squadron, and Airman 1st Class Carissa Diaz, 50th Operations Support Squadron, are among the many Hispanic Americans serving in the armed forces today, and have become an integral part of an increasingly diversified military.
  • NCO earns EPIC achievement

    The Air Force is accustomed to reaching new heights. Heights, such as retired Brig. Gen. Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager’s first flight to exceed the speed of sound, and Gen. Benjamin O’ Davis Jr. becoming the first African-American four-star general in the Air Force, symbolize the historical impact the Air Force has made throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • 50th personifies ‘Master of Space’

    SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The 50th Space Wing’s space endeavors began after the Air Force Space Command ordered the activation of the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing as the 50th Space Wing at Falcon Air Force Base, Colorado, effective Jan. 30, 1992.  The 50th absorbed the personnel, functions and facilities of the 2nd Space Wing, which
  • Linking a proud 50th heritage

    As Schriever Air Force Base prepares to celebrate Schriever Week, the 50th Space Wing gears up to celebrate its 68th birthday. In its nearly seven decades of service to the United States, the 50th has distinguished itself on many occasions, and continues to demonstrate it is the Master of Space.
  • Schriever: A brief history

    The history of Schriever Air Force Base began in September 1979, when Department of Defense officials approved plans for development of an installation to provide a second control node for support of existing, and planned, satellite constellations, and to house an operations support center for NASA space shuttles.
  • Women serving in military symbol of equality

    When Geri-Anne Satterfield told her family she was going to join the Air Force, they were all for it. For Satterfield, who grew up in a military household, service was a normal part of life.
  • Service with acceptance

    Staff Sgt. Logan Ireland entered the Air Force in 2010 for the education benefits, job experience and comradery knowing that he would have to spend the duration hiding a secret.
  • Changing environment through Green Dot

    When it comes to changing the environment, the Green Dot program has an arsenal of assets to make a change for the better. However, individuals truly make the difference.

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