#IamSCHRIEVER Portraits

  • Youth sports needs you

    Just about any given Saturday on military installations throughout Colorado Springs there are children playing in a youth sport program; be it basketball, soccer, baseball or flag football. This is the time of year for soccer. Les Stewart, R.P. Lee Youth Center sports director, manages schedules for more than 170 children ranging in age from three
  • Emblem tradition dates to Medieval times

    Did you ever wonder about the wing's emblem? Have you ever asked from where it came, or what it means, or just what exactly is that beast? Some claim it's a griffin, others claim it's a hippogriff. I've heard a number of opinions over the years, all based in some facts. But before I divulge the true identity, here's some background on military
  • Military, community join forces for Earth Day

    From the majestic Rocky Mountains, to the beautiful red rock formations, created by mother nature's mysterious ways, you are sure to appreciate the scenery at Garden of the Gods. What if that scene was riddled with discarded paper plates, empty soda cans, or any other form of garbage? Over 250 people from the local military and civilian communities
  • Wing Staff and MSG families 'retreat' to the Rocky Mountains

    The phone is ringing, the television is blaring 'he lives in a pineapple under the sea...' and the dog ate Tommy's homework. Its times like these when parents want to retreat. For 24 families assigned to the 50th Space Wing Staff and 50th Mission Support Group, they were able to do just that. Friday afternoon, families started arriving at Horn
  • Get Out and Go: Gardening 411

    Spring, a time for warm weather and plenty of sunshine, can be a great time to try something new. An activity proven great for all ages is gardening. Great for just about everyone, it's an activity that can be started on a smaller scale and built upon. It's an activity that can provide beauty to one's house, both indoors and out. "I find it very
  • Assistance fund benefits Airmen in need

    Approximately two weeks after Staff Sgt. Justin Sims returned from leave, he received a phone call with some unexpected and disheartening news. "My grandmother was placed in intensive care on life support and they only gave her a few days to live," the sergeant from the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron said. Sergeant Sims knew he wanted to be by his
  • Servicemembers look to career as teachers

    For some servicemembers, teachers served as inspiration to improve themselves and be successful, leading them to a career in the military. Now, servicemembers have the opportunity to inspire others in the classroom. Schriever personnel interested in a teaching career attended the Troops to Teachers seminar March 14 held at the First Term Airman's
  • This Month in Space History

    Below are some significant March dates in space history and the history of the 50th Space Wing: td {font-size: 9pt; vertical-align: top} March 1, 1950 The 50th Fighter Wing was redesignated as the 50th Fighter-Interceptor Wing. Concurrently, the 50th Fighter Group also was redesignated as a fighter-interceptor
  • Get Out and Go: Cheap Fun in Manitou Springs

    Located only four miles west of Colorado Springs is Manitou Springs, a town that can bustle with tourists or lay peacefully in the quieter, colder months. With bed and breakfasts abound and plenty of shops and restaurants, there's something for everyone - even the arcade junkie. Manitou Springs has one of the oldest amusement arcades around. The
  • Vipers secure communication for distinguished visitors

    A top-level government official sends a Top Secret e-mail routed through numerous interconnected computer networks from 30,000 feet, confident as she does so that the message will reach its intended audience without interruption or risk. Every day, our nation's leaders transverse the globe to conduct mission-critical operations. When they require

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