#IamSCHRIEVER Portraits

  • Enjoy the slopes safely

    She had been snowboarding since she was 13 years old, but this time she was in way over her head. Senior Airman Dithma Needham hit a tree stump with the front of her board, flipping head first over it, dislocating her right arm, and breaking her right wrist. "I wasn't prepared," she said. "I wasn't wearing goggles, a helmet, or any padding. As I
  • 2nd SOPS' gift tree lets Airman share holiday cheer

    Feel like sharing in the holiday spirit? You can give some holiday cheer to a child who has experienced some difficult life circumstances by simply pulling a tag off a tree. The idea for the gift tree started taking shape when Kristin Hunt, the secretary for the 2nd Space Operations Squadron, wanted to bring some seasonal spirit to children who
  • 50th OG celebrates 65 years

    In the United States, 65 is generally considered retirement age. But don't tell that to the 50th Operations Group -- after 65 years of excellence, they're just getting warmed up. When the Army Air Forces' 50th Pursuit Group stood up Jan. 15, 1941, part of its mission was establishing air superiority. Today, 50th OG still establishes air superiority
  • 50th Ops Group bears distinguished past

    The 50th Operations Group is the oldest of the wing's organizations. The group first activated as the 50th Pursuit Group at Selfridge Field, Mich., on Jan. 15, 1941. Assigned first to the Southeast Air District, and later in January 1941 to the 22d Pursuit Wing, the 50th Fighter Group was reassigned to various training commands and locations as the
  • Airman's donation to give child a fighting chance

    How would you feel if you knew you could save the life of someone you've never met? Maj. Nicholas Marshall didn't give much thought about being a bone marrow donor after answering an e-mail to volunteer back in 2003, but when he received a call letting him know that his tissue type matched a 6-year-old leukemia victim, he realized why he had
  • SIDC's IMA familiar with 'Bring Me Men' story

    The first female cadets to graduate the U.S. Air Force Academy will see their story brought to the silver screen when "Bring Me Men," a movie named after a sign that used to greet cadets upon their arrival to the campus, debuts. "Bring Me Men," produced by Summitworks LLC and supported by the Department of Defense and the Air Force Entertainment
  • Onizuka employee recalls chance encounter with an assassin

    Many of us have met famous people - movie stars, sports figures, politicians. But have you ever met someone infamous, someone who plunged the entire country into mourning? When Audrey LaPenna, then Audrey Baas, was a young girl of 14, she had no idea that a fellow passenger on a ship to the United States would later assassinate the 35th American
  • Schriever engineer prizes Sioux heritage

    November is Native American Indian Heritage Month -- a significant month for Lita Huggins, a flight testing operations systems administrator and engineer at the Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center here. She was born on Rosebud Reservation in south-central South Dakota. As member of the Rosebud Sioux Nation, Mrs. Huggins and her twin
  • Children, parents celebrate Thanksgiving at CDC

    Turkey, ham, rolls, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, pears, pumpkin pie ... what's a kid to do? If he's at the Schriever Child Development Center, he has one delicious option - dig in! That's just what children did during the CDC's annual Thanksgiving meal Nov. 15, where children got to dine on goodies while visiting with their parents. "I
  • Float represents all that is Schriever

    It's a depiction of many things - a barbed wire representing the vast prairie and farmland that is Schriever, trees and mountains that represent the nearby terrain, a missile and pictures of satellites. All of these depictions can be seen on the Schriever float. This year's float, which won the Best Theme award at the 2007 Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

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