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New CCC brings fresh perspective, goals

Chief Master Sgt. Jason Tiek, 50th Space Wing command chief, looks forward to utilizing his past experiences and mentorships to help forge a positive relationship with Team 5-0 in his new role at Schriever. (Courtesy photo)

Chief Master Sgt. Jason Tiek, 50th Space Wing command chief, looks forward to utilizing his past experiences and mentorships to help forge a positive relationship with Team 5-0 in his new role at Schriever. (Courtesy photo)


Chief Master Sgt. Jason Tiek, the 50th Space Wing’s new command chief, is ready to fulfill his role as the highest ranking enlisted person on base, introducing a new perspective based on the influence of mentors throughout his career.

His new role entails leading Schriever personnel, whether enlisted, officer, civilian or contractor, towards fulfilling the 50th Space Wing Mission, Vision and Priorities.

The Missouri native has come a long way from his days as an Airman Basic, a journey greatly aided through the help of a number of mentors.

From the start, his childhood was shaped through the values learned from his paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.

“My grandmother instilled a lot of the cultural diversity and spiritual guidance; she would take me to art shows; we would go to church and museums,” Tiek said. “My grandfather helped me with my work and business ethics and was more on the structure side of the house. He taught me how to balance work and life and to always give a 110 percent.”

An avid sports fan, Tiek wished to pursue his athletic aspirations through college. It was his grandfather who introduced the idea of joining the Air Force, explaining its benefits. Tiek found a path through service instead.

“He did a better job convincing me to join than my recruiter,” laughed Tiek. “He was the one who got me to talk to him. He knew the Air Force could help me learn a technical skill and help with college because he helped my uncle into the Air Force as well.”

Initially selected for training as an Airborne Telecommunications Operator, he was involuntarily cross trained into the Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems career field.

Tiek was planning on fulfilling his four year enlistment and then leave the military. It was another mentor in his life, then-Master Sgt. Ken Santamaria, his flight chief while working on F-16s assigned in South Korea, who convinced him to stay.

“Not only did he influence me to re-enlist, but he also helped me get a career job reservation even after I missed my window,” said Tiek. “He always made sure I was doing the right thing, providing me clear and concise guidance to help me execute the mission. When I use the word mentor, it has become synonymous with retired Chief Master Sgt. Santamaria.”

Many more re-enlistments followed, giving way to a long Air Force career molded by the influences of his grandparents, Santamaria, and other supervisors and Airmen. This myriad of experiences has culminated for his new role at Schriever, where he hopes to make as much of a positive impact as others have in his career.

“My priorities are aligned with Colonel Burt and the wing leadership- my focus areas will be on the people - people first - and how I can enable mission execution and success through time, training, tools and ultimately, my trust with the Airmen of the wing,” said Tiek.

Although Tiek is relatively new to the space domain, the learning process will only further benefit himself and his upholding of the Schriever community, he said.

“Of course there are going to be challenges, as space and cyberspace is not a mission set I’m overly familiar with,” said Tiek. “I’m still scratching the surface with my knowledge. I’m learning the mission so I can better take care of Airmen.”

Tiek said he looks forward to actively enhancing the Schriever community and the Airmen he leads, boosting morale and highlighting an important element for their work - fun.

“I believe we should always have enjoyment in what we do,” said Tiek. “It should be fun to come to work each day, it is for me, and that’s what has kept things fresh for me the past 25 years- always seizing opportunities to have fun.”

He said he looks forward to putting his foremost effort into forging new relationships and mentorships with Team 5-0.

“I trust each and every one of my Airmen to always do what is right and execute the mission,” said Tiek. “I want them to know I’m going to give them my 110 percent, and I will always have Team Schriever’s best interests in heart.” 

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