Fitness Center
  • 50th OSS hits it out of the park

    Twenty-one was the lucky number as the 50th Operations Support Squadron defeated the 1st Space Operations Squadron 21-1 at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Aug. 21.
  • Bench press, deadlift competition strengthens bonds, muscles

    Nineteen Schriever Airmen put their strength and focus to the test at the annual Bench Press and Deadlift competition at the Schriever Air Force Base Fitness Center Jan. 26.
  • Lazyman triathlon to encourage exercise, vary workouts

    Twenty-eight Schriever Airmen have signed up for the annual Lazyman Triathlon beginning Feb. 1. This is the 16th consecutive year the Schriever Air Force Base Fitness Center has hosted this competition.
  • Bench press, powerlift competition to test strength, willpower

    The Schriever Air Force Base fitness center will host the annual bench press and dead lift competition 9 a.m.-12 p.m., Jan 26. Participants must register in the fitness center for the competition by Jan. 24. There will be prizes for bench press, deadlift and overall winners.
  • Fitness center showcases new equipment

    A TRX Tactical Training Locker, consisting of dip bar, grappler, jump platform, wall ball target and other fitness training attachments, is shown at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, Jan. 9. The multi-modality training center by the outdoor running track can support up to 45 trainees at one time.
  • Combative class comes to Schriever

    Marco Lara, a former Army World Class Athlete Program wrestler, used his professional experience to teach students the ways of combatives and why they are important not only in the military, but in life.
  • Fitness center offers ‘Mt. Everest challenge’

    ​Each year, hundreds of climbing enthusiasts attempt to scale the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest, that sits at 29,029 feet.Team Schriever members now have the opportunity to see if they possess the physical ability to scale that height—minus the cost and physical danger. And a little closer to homeThe fitness center is offering a “Mt. Everest
  • Shockey retains, Sayler wins first weightlifting title

    Schriever crowned a new male champion, while the reigning female champion retained her title, in one of the closest-ever finishes during the annual Bench Press/Dead Lift competition Friday. Ian Sayler, 1st Space Operations Squadron, won the male title, edging out Gregory Sambula, 21st Medical Squadron, by 0.188 points. Sayler won the title despite
  • Year in Review: Sports

    Commander’s CupDespite not winning any intramural championships, the 50th Space Communications Squadron took home the 2016 Commander’s Cup.Only 80 points separated first and third place in the Cup standings at the end of July, with 50 SCS 10 points behind the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center and just ahead of the 4th Space Operations Squadron. 4 SOPS
  • Archery range gets new targets

    Frequent visitors to the Schriever Air Force Base archery range will notice a few changes next time they step to their marks. New static and 3-D targets are now in place, including a highly requested 3-D elk target.“We received some quality of life funds and bought some new targets,” said Seth Cannello, Schriever Fitness Center director. “The

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